The Company

Naganuma Dance is a contemporary dance company based in New York City. Led by Artistic Director Darcy Naganuma, the multi-ethnic, multilingual ensemble is comprised of performers from around the globe. Drawing from a wide range of forms, the company's movement vocabulary fuses elements of release technique, street dance, ballet, martial arts, and Japanese dance. Since its inception in 2006, Naganuma Dance has won praise for the dynamic vision, innovative movement, and evocative visual imagery it brings to the stage.

Dedicated to cross-cultural, interdisciplinary exchange and the synthesis of ideas, contexts, and idioms, the company has collaborated with poets, filmmakers, cartoonists, visual composers, and musicians. It has been selected to appear in the 2011 New Sounds, New Moves program at Joyce SoHo, SummerStage 2010 (NYC), 92Y Fridays-at-Noon, a split-bill evening at Dance New Amsterdam, the 92Y Tribeca Dance-A-Raoke series, the 2006-2008 Battery Dance Company Downtown Dance Festivals, the Earl Mosley Masters of Dance Performance Series, the 2006 Dumbo Dance Festival, and the 2007 and 2008 White Wave Cool New York Dance Festivals, and its full-length shows at venues in and outside of New York City have consistently yielded sold-out audiences.

Naganuma Dance seeks to explore that place where the lines between the real and the illusory, conscious and unconscious, human and otherworldly blur, intersect, and in fleeting pockets of time, disappear. At times, the company employs motion as a medium for reflection and commentary on social realities. Often, however, movement is approached as part of a greater aesthetic drive, at one with the meaning. Audiences are transported into an alternate environment where imaginative props, lighting, and sound create new spaces for invention and play.

Though performance, teaching, and creative collision, members of Naganuma Dance hope to share the artistic process through lines of class, gender, and geography.